9:50 AM Wednesday Apr 8, 2015

NZ Herald

A New Zealand textile company has launched a high-tech and fashionable range of underwear it believes will solve the "silent epidemic" of incontinence. A world first, the "elegantly sexy, feel good underwear" is absorbent, waterproof, pad-free and machine-washable.

Confitex says a million New Zealanders - a quarter of the population - experience incontinence. Company founders, alpine ski racers Mark Davey and Frantisek Riha-Scott, began by designing performance underwear for athletes.

But they soon discovered that a much bigger need wasn't being met.

Now, after three years of development, they have launched their innovative underwear range.

"We've had people literally tell us it's been life-changing for them," says Mr Riha-Scott. Aimed at mothers and sportsmen and women, the underwear is based on high-tech sports fabrics.

It wicks away moisture using the body's heat and can absorb a cup-full of fluid throughout the day.

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