Tips on how to exercise after giving birth safely – without leaking

You're feeling good. You have a beautiful baby. Now, you think, I can start running or hit the gym and get back into shape again. So you lift some weights you used to lift with ease or go for a run and it happens – you have a little bladder leak. The trouble is the leaks turn out not to be predictable. You think it's the end of your exercise life, but it's not. Here are some handy tips on managing bladder leakage:

  • Cut back on tea and coffee. Caffeinated drinks can be a big issue.
  • Ditch the bottled water. Aside from the nasties that may be lurking in the plastic, you don't need litres of water a day. It will not flush out your system and make you gorgeous, but it will make you wee. One to two litres a day is all you need.
  • Eat milder foods. Spicy and acidic food and drink (think curries and orange juice) can irritate the bladder and trigger leaks. Think about what food may trigger a bladder leak for you.
  • Pelvic floor exercises. Ask your doctor to refer you to a physiotherapist who can teach you how to restore your pelvic floor muscles. Perhaps give lifting weights a miss too as they can worsen any damage. If you want to get started now here's how, or check out our info on pelvic floor exercises for bladder control thanks to Gratitude Fitness.
  • Wear absorbent washable underwear. You don't have to wear bunchy pads. New Kiwi-developed undies from Confitex look and feel like normal underwear but can absorb a cupful of liquid. The sleek pants can also be worn under tight gym clothes, so you're not condemned to baggy black either.

Confitex makes fashionable, absorbent underwear that helps women – and men – feel good while they manage incontinence.