Incontinence can bring with it a paradoxical state of mind. On the one hand, you just want to forget about it, but on the other –you can’t stop thinking about it! So trust us when we say that we understand that come the end of the day, you’re 100% ready to bin the evidence - and using disposable products can be a great way to trick yourself un-incontinence.
However, before you fork out for those disposable pads (and line the bin with a plastic bag in preparation), we want to remind you about the benefits of ditching the plastic and committing to a reusable option. We might be a little biased, but here at Confitex we believe that leaving plastic behind can be life changing – for both the individual and for the planet – and while it can be overwhelming to contemplate, every bit of individual effort really does go a long way!




Did you know that in the US alone, over 18,000 adult diapers are disposed of annually? This is enough to encircle the planet 90 times – plus, on average – these products can take up to 500 years to biodegrade. For those using pads, it’s a similar story, and depending on severity, users can churn through between 4 to 6 pads per day.


When you buy Confitex underwear, not only are you buying a product that is free from toxic plastics and harmful chemicals, but you are investing in something that is built to last as long as normal underwear. More on this soon..





As mentioned above, plastic products can be full of harmful toxins and chemicals, which can irritate your skin and lead to rashes. Plus, even if a product touts a ‘breathable cloth layer’, the plastic protective layer underneath will mitigate this, as plastic traps moisture and keeps an environment warm. It’s in these conditions that bacteria and ammonia thrive


Confitex has patented a waterproof outer-layer, which contains no plastic, but instead consists of a high-density weave. This world-first technology is fused into the fabric, which means Confitex undies are breathable, comfortable and fit the human form like nothing else.



Disposable products, even though they may seem convenient, are actually doing a wicked amount of damage to your bank balance. They might give the illusion of saving you a few dollars in the short run, but depending on requirements, on average, people spend $800 - $1,650 USD on pads every single year.


Confitex undies are built to last. Their world-first technology means their undies be worn comfortably all day long (without having to worry about leaks or odour), and can be put straight in the washing machine ready to reuse for up to 200 washes - just like normal clothing! When you think about the cost of purchasing one pair of Confitex undies versus 200 disposable pads or diapers – that’s a lot of money saved.



Confitex are proud to be helping people who experience incontinence get on with life, while minimizing our carbon footprint and enhancing wellbeing in the process.


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