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Women and Men affected by Incontinence
Stress Incontinence healine

Stress incontinence occurs
when an individual
involuntarily loses urine
after pressure is placed on
the abdomen (i.e., during
exercise, sexual activity,
sneezing, coughing,
laughing, or hugging).


Reflex Incontinence headline

Individuals with reflex
incontinence lose control
of their bladder without
warning. They typically
suffer from neurological




Urge incontinence headline

Urge incontinence occurs
when an individual feels a
sudden need to urinate,
and cannot control the urge
to do so. As a consequence,
urine is involuntarily lost
before the individual can
get to the toilet.


Overflow incontinence headline

Overflow incontinence is caused by bladder
dysfunction. Individuals with this type of
incontinence have an obstruction to the
bladder or urethra, or a bladder that
doesn't contract properly. As a result, their
bladders do not empty completely, and they
have problems with frequent urine leakage.


Functional incontinence headline

Individuals who have control over their own
urination and have a fully functioning
urinary tract, but cannot make it to the
bathroom in time due to a physical or
cognitive disability, are functionally
incontinent. These individuals may suffer
from arthritis, Parkinson's disease, multiple
sclerosis, or Alzheimer's disease.


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